FarmForest Research can undertake research projects in any country. Our dedicated team serves growers, agricultural companies, multinational corporations and government institutions worldwide. FarmForest has partners and registration consultants based in every corner of the globe, bringing a diversified knowledge of agriculture and the pesticide industry.

International field trials

International projects have included comprehensive surveys on all major continents to find and develop potential abatement strategies for some of the world’s most destructive invasive species. We manage international field trials, and have undertaken extensive studies on invertebrate and weed control in developing countries.

FarmForest works with local institutes and growers to develop homegrown solutions to their most pressing agricultural pest problems. These include biological control systems, often used as part of Integrated Pest Management.

Recent projects include the research and development of new chemistry pesticides and and plant growth stimulants.

Our work is done with in-country partners, and the data generated can always be used for registration or commercial development of these solutions within the region.

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