FarmForest Research provides a research-based consultancy service for the agricultural sector. Using a combination of traditional agricultural practices, organic methods and the latest technological developments, we are proud to provide an intregrated and progressive service.

Field Trials

FarmForest has extensive experience in carrying out complex field trials. Where hybrid and variety selection must be made, we develop the trials to show differences in variety and yield under a range of different factors. We can do head to head comparisons and help you to develop sustainable growing protocols.

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Greenhouse Trials

We have a greenhouse facility in Westport, Ontario, where we conduct trials on greenhouse crops and products, including pest management solutions, fertilizers, plant food, plant growth promoters and potting media.

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Seed Trials

FarmForest has the capacity to carry out complex seed and variety trials. We have a multitude of seed treating systems, from desktop to 500 kg systems. We are particularly suited for testing biological seed treatments and biostimulants in differently applied systems, such as in-furrow.

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Agricultural Pest Control

FarmForest Research works with growers and local institutes all over the world, developing homegrown remedies for their most pressing agricultural challenges. From mites, insects and molluscs to weeds and plant diseases, we research, assess and implement site-specific solutions. These include biological control systems (biopesticides), which are often used as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We develop efficient techniques that are sustainable to the target region.

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