FarmForest Research has a remote and fully functional research greenhouse near Westport, Ontario. The greenhouse is 8000 square feet, and can accommodate up to 12 research trials in separate compartmented units.

We can test biofungicides and plant stimulants, alongside various mite and insect control tests. We can grow to yield, or just do quick seedling tests.

Greenhouse vegetable trials – crop protection

We carry out complex trials on greenhouse grown vegetables up to yield. The FarmForest greenhouse has in-floor and forced air heating which extends its growing season. We are able to inoculate pathogens and some pests (spider mites, aphids etc) to ensure sufficient pest pressure for significant data collection and statistical analysis.

Greenhouse trials – crop production

FarmForest Research conducts trials on all greenhouse crops, including tomatoes, vegetables, horticultural crops, flowers and bedding plants. We can help you to select the best performing varieties and growing techniques for your greenhouse use. We collect accurate results to show your crops’ production, yield and quality.

FarmForest Research also tests growth promoters such as PGRs or rhizobacteria based products which help in nutrient uptake as well as plant health and disease resistance. We do seed treatment trials ( 3 seed treaters from bench top to 500 kg treaters) and have precision seeders so we know exactly what we put in the ground. We assess all the agronomic parameters up to yield and can do plant tissue analysis at any stage along with chlorophyll assessments in the field. We also can inoculate trials and can do in-furrow treatments for soil applied products.

There is now great interest in foliar applied growth promoting products. We can do field or greenhouse trials on these products at any stage of plant development.

Product development and efficacy trials

Here at FarmForest, we test commercial greenhouse products from biopesticides, molluscicides and herbicides to fertilizers, plant food, growth promoters and potting media. We carry out efficacy trials and offer comprehensive product development services. We deliver robust data for registrative and labelling purposes.

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