FarmForest Research is proud to serve clients from all branches of the agricultural community. We work for individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes – from farmers, market gardeners, grower groups and start-up technology companies to universities, multinational corporations and government institutions.

Here’s a breakdown of the services we provide.

Agricultural Research

FarmForest Research offers a comprehensive range of agricultural contract research services. We have extensive experience in conducting international field trials for new crops and agricultural products, including pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, biostimulants and plant-growth promoters.

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Agricultural Pest Control

FarmForest Research assesses risks posed by invasive pest species to local eco-systems and agriculture in every continent in the world. We develop sustainable pest abatement strategies, including biocontrol systems (biopesticides) and effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols.

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Field Trials

FarmForest offers a dedicated field trials service, testing crops and agricultural products. We can manage and supervise your field trials from start to finish. We supply reliable data, measuring performance in various locations and conditions.

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Efficacy Trials

FarmForest Research carries out efficacy trials for agricultural pesticides including biological control systems. From large scale field trials to smaller “pilot” studies for new products, we deliver robust results for your product registration or commercial use.

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Greenhouse Trials

We have a new 8000 sq ft sectional greenhouse, within which we can cater for all of your greenhouse trial needs. We can test biofungicides and plant stimulants, along with various mite and insect control tests. We can grow to yield or just carry out quick seedling tests.

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Seed Trials

FarmForest has the capacity to carry out complex seed and variety trials. We have a multitude of seed treating systems, ranging from desktop to 500 kg systems. We have precision seed planters to determine germination and emergence rates in various systems, such as in-furrow test applications, and variant planting conditions.

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Product Development

FarmForest provides a research-based product development service for the agricultural sector. We offer expert advice on the development, registration and marketing of agricultural products, including pesticides, biological control systems, new-technology fertilizers and plant-growth promoters.

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Product Stewardship

Product manufacturers these days face a growing number of environmental challenges. We believe that protection of biodiversity is key to sustainable rural development and economic growth. That’s why at FarmForest we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet those challenges, but where possible, exceed required standards for policy compliance.

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Project Management

Farm Forest Research can project manage your large studies. We employ highly trained specialists with strong technical and practical experience of agriculture and the crop protection industry. Projects are designed to fit each client’s budget, time frame and requirements.

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International Projects

FarmForest has partners and consultants in all corners of the globe. We work in challenging climates and developing countries. We have undertaken extensive global studies on invertebrate and weed control. Our work has helped develop long-term solutions for some of the world’s most destructive crop pests.

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Fees for our services depend on individual project specifications. To request a quote or ask us about any of our services please fill out our contact form with a brief outline of your project.

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