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Contract research trials for the agricultural sector

FarmForest Research is an innovative and committed life sciences company serving the agricultural community. Based in Ontario, Canada, we provide an international research and development service.

We carry out field trials, seed trials, greenhouse trials and efficacy testing of agricultural products. We specialize in biologicals, including biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers.

With extensive experience in the development of products and technologies to suit the needs of modern agriculture, we consult on market strategies, product stewardship and regulatory affairs.

farmforest greenhouse trials calendula
The FarmForest Research greenhouse facility nr. Westport, Ontario, CA
Research services

FarmForest conducts contract research trials for the agricultural sector. Using a combination of traditional practices, organic methods and the latest technological developments, we offer an integrated and progressive service.

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Field trials

At FarmForest we have extensive experience in carrying out complex field trials under a wide range of conditions. We conduct field trials on crops and agricultural products at our facility in Ontario, Canada and various international locations.

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Product development

FarmForest Research provides a comprehensive product development service for the agricultural sector. FarmForest offers pragmatic advice, designs and support to take your product all the way from research concept to marketplace.

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Crop protection

We develop sustainable solutions for agricultural problems, including crop pests, invasive weeds and plant diseases. We design effective pest abatement strategies using biological control systems (biopesticides) as part of IPM protocols.

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