Delivering sustainable solutions

FarmForest Research specializes in the research and development of innovative solutions for agricultural crop pests, including molluscs, insects, weeds and plant diseases.

Here at FarmForest, we design and develop pest abatement strategies using biological control systems (biopesticides) as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols. Recent projects have also included research into new chemistry pesticides. We develop effective techniques that are sustainable to the target region.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM promotes prevention over remediation, involves detailed monitoring of the problem and advocates integration of various pest control techniques in order to achieve long-term solutions. Strategies include biological pesticides, mechanical methods and physical barriers. Our expertise in this field enables us to develop, assess and implement pest control methods which are environmentally and socially responsible.

Reduced Risk Pesticides

Pesticide use raises a number of ecological and social concerns. Pesticide residues can contaminate our food supply, affect non-target species, poison surface and groundwater and have a long-term negative impact on biodiversity. Increasingly, conventional pesticides are being phased out in favour of reduced risk pest management systems. Here at FarmForest, a core area of our expertise and interest lies in the development of effective pest control strategies that minimise the environmental and social impact of crop protection.

Invasive Species

Based in Canada, FarmForest has been active in projects in North America, Europe, China, South-East Asia, Oceania, Africa, Australia and South America to assess risks posed by invasive species to local ecosystems and agriculture.

Biological Control

Farmforest has extensive experience in surveying for potential biological control agents of molluscs, insects, weeds and plant diseases, all over the world. We can rear these agents and assess their suitability, safety and efficacy for use in the target region.
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Efficacy Trials

FarmForest Research carries out efficacy trials for agricultural pesticides and crop pest abatement methods, including biological control systems. From large scale field trials to smaller “pilot” studies for new products, we deliver robust results for your product registration or commercial use.

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