FarmForest has extensive experience in carrying out complex field trials under a wide range of conditions. We conduct field trials on almost all types of crops and agricultural products, including seed varieties, herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, biological control systems and plant-growth promoters.

Broadacre Field Crop Trials – Crop Protection

FarmForest Research has tested over 180 new products in field crops such as wheat, soybean, corn, canola, dry bean and hemp. The majority of these have been bio-fungicides or new technology low toxicity fungicides but we also do bio-insecticides and conventional chemistries.  We have helped develop not only product formulations but application strategies for maximising the benefit of these products to the farmer.

Broadacre Field Crop Trials – Crop Production

FarmForest Research also tests growth promoters such as PGRs or rhizobacteria based products, which help in nutrient uptake as well as plant health and disease resistance. We do seed treatment trials ( 3 seed treaters from bench top to 500 kg treaters) and have precision seeders so we know exactly what we put in the ground. We assess all the agronomic parameters up to yield and can do plant tissue analysis at any stage along with chlorophyll assessments in the field. We can inoculate trials and do in-furrow treatments for soil applied products.

There is now great interest in foliar applied growth promoting products. We can do field or greenhouse trials on these products at any stage of plant development.

Vegetable and Fruit Field Trials

FarmForest Research started at the beginning performing vegetable and fruit field trials and we are very proficient in their development, application and agronomic data collection. We have our own secluded 8 hectare property where we can plant, treat and harvest most vegetables and some broad-acre crops. We are able to do soil pests which are among the most difficult of trials, including slug trials of which FarmForest has done over 2000. We are partners with several vegetable and fruit farmers in the region and can do raspberry, blueberry, strawberry trials along with new fruits, such as Haskaps.

Seed Trials

We have a large library of soil pathogens, where we can test specific pathogens to specific seed treatments in both the lab and the field. We continuously add to our library of pathogens from our experimental fields to know exactly what we are testing against.

We are particularly suited for testing biological seed treatments and biostimulants in differently applied systems such as in-furrow. We can assess all growth parameters along with yields and quality.

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