FarmForest Research Inc. is an innovative contract research organization serving the agricultural community. Established in 1991 in Montpellier, France by Dr James Coupland, FarmForest is now based in Eastern Ontario, Canada. We work in Canada, North America and South America and our international projects take us all over the world.

What we do

Here at FarmForest, we carry out studies on broad-acre, vegetable and fruit crops including greenhouse-grown vegetables and ornamentals. We specialize in new technology crop protection products, particularly the development and testing of new biological solutions.

We work with individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small horticulture growing associations, market gardeners and farmers to universities, start-up technology-based companies, multinational corporations and government institutions such as AAFC, PMRA, IR-4, EEC and UN-FAO.

FarmForest Research manages studies in developing countries and some of the most challenging climates.

Company Information

FarmForest Research Inc. is an incorporated company, registered in Canada under Corporation Number 870699-9. Our registered office is at 298 Donald B Munro Drive, Carp, Ontario, K0A 1L0, Canada.