Product Development

Agricultural technologies - from concept to market

FarmForest Research provides a comprehensive product development service for the agricultural sector, offering pragmatic advice, designs and technical support all the way from research concept to market.

Why FarmForest Research?

FarmForest Research has over twenty years of experience in research, development, efficacy testing and marketing of agricultural products across the whole range of product classes. From biological pest control and new chemistry pesticides to new technology fertilizers and plant growth promoters, our expertise in this area enables clients to create effective products guaranteed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Product Stewardship

Facing an increasingly complex regulatory landscape and growing consumer demand, companies need to take a strategic approach towards developing safer, sustainable products. Our product stewardship program helps participants gain a competitive advantage by establishing product compliance and stewardship strategies, mitigating risks, reducing waste and lowering costs.

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Project Management

FarmForest Research can project manage your large research studies from start to finish. Whether you need to conduct large-scale field trials or complex laboratory screening tests, we can organize your studies and develop accurate data for registrative or commercial use.

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Agricultural Product Development Advisory

FarmForest Research offers expert, impartial advice on any aspect of your product development. No project is too big or too small. We build and maintain close business relationships with all of our clients, many of whom find our services so invaluable that they return to FarmForest time and time again.

Each program is fully confidential.

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