Greenhouse Trials

FarmForest Research has opened a new greenhouse facility in Westport, Ontario. The greenhouse is 8000 square feet, and can accommodate up to 12 trials in separate compartmented units.

Greenhouse crop trials

FarmForest Research conducts trials on all greenhouse crops, including tomatoes, vegetables, horticultural crops, flowers and bedding plants. We can help you to select the best performing varieties and growing techniques for your greenhouse use. We collect accurate results to show your crops' production, yield and quality.

Greenhouse product development and efficacy trials

We can also test commercial greenhouse products, from pest control products including biopesticides, molluscicides and herbicides, to fertilizers, plant food, growth promoters and potting media. We carry out rigorous efficacy trials and offer product development services. We deliver robust data for registrative and labelling purposes.

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Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

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