Efficacy Trials

Research trials to find the answers you need

FarmForest Research has extensive experience in protocol development and carrying out efficacy trials for pesticides, herbicides, molluscicides and biological control systems. We develop efficacy trials required for registration by the PMRA, EPA and equivalent regulatory authorities in all five main regions of the world. From large-scale field trials to pilot studies for new products, we can design the trials to provide the answers you need and format the data into an acceptable submission package for your product registration.

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Project Management

FarmForest Research can project manage your large field studies and works with in-country partners to develop GLP residue data for both primary and minor use submissions. We have registration consultants based all over the world with a diversified knowledge of agriculture and the pesticide industry.

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Biological Pesticides

Biological pesticides (biopesticides) are notoriously difficult to screen for efficacy in the field. Our company has years of experience in developing suitable field and laboratory efficacy trial protocols to screen and test biopesticides. From bacteria and nematodes to fungi and insects, FarmForest Research can develop specific efficacy trials to provide robust results for your registration submission or commercial use.

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Pesticide efficacy trials

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