Variety Trials and Yield Security

New varieties of crops are being developed continuously and their suitability to different soils and crop zones must be assessed. FarmForest Research develops robust data to show differences in yield and growth within a range of environmental factors.

Because yield potential is too important to gamble

We have a vast range of international experience in conducting variety trials on a wide variety of agronomic crops including rice, corn, soybeans, hemp and cotton. We can carry out head to head comparisons and develop sustainable growing protocols.

Developing new agricultural technologies

In recent years there has been increased interest in plant growth promoters and new-technology fertilizers. FarmForest Research has extensive experience in development of agricultural technologies and has the facilities to develop data for use in registration and for comparison purposes. We offer in-house laboratory services as well as site-specific field trials.

Here at FarmForest we enable our clients to retain a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Our business is dedicated to helping growers get the most out of every acre, now and for the years to come.

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