Environmental Services

Because growing your business needn't cost the Earth.

It might seem like a big step to 'go green' overnight, but with growing consumer and stakeholder demand for environmentally responsible products, manufacturers wishing to retain a competitive advantage are having to do just that.

Product Stewardship Program

FarmForest Research offers a product stewardship program for manufacturers of agricultural technologies. Experts in biology, agriculture, ecology and environmental policy development, our company has the tools to ensure the success of your environmentally responsible product.

How can stewardship help my product succeed?

We keep abreast of current and future legislative requirements for you. Stewardship makes your product more marketable, saves time, reduces risks and drives down costs. Where clients seek assistance with policy compliance or simply wish to take a proactive approach to product stewardship, FarmForest Research makes an invaluable partner.

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FarmForest Research is certified by the CEAA to carry out Phase 1 Environmental Assessments.

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