Dr. James Coupland

Founder and director of FarmForest Research, Dr. James Coupland is an entomologist, agricultural research scientist and ecologist with a passion for biodiversity protection and sustainable agriculture. A member of the Canadian Forum for Biological Control (3 year Member at Large) and a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society he has published 39 scientific articles, 5 book chapters, 2 popular articles, and 4 international reports.

Dr. Coupland achieved his undergraduate degree at Queens University, Kingston, Canada in 1985 and earned a Ph.D in Zoology at the University of Aberdeen in 1990. He then worked as a Research Scientist at CSIRO, France, working on the biological control of invasive pests in Australia. He maintained a highly skilled and diverse scientific laboratory, developing potential biological control organisms discovered in Europe and Africa, travelled all over these continents collecting potential control agents and developed and sustained parallel research institutions within the region.

Back in France, Dr. Coupland's experiences led him to form FarmForest Research, a life sciences research company. Projects included the efficacy testing of agricultural innovations and new product development. Working as a senior project manager on the development of improved agricultural technologies for the United Nations (UN-FAO ) Dr. Coupland became a senior consultant on the program to develop institutional strengthening of South American and Asian research organizations, to meet the demands of diverse rural development programs. FarmForest was also a senior research organization within several European Economic Community (EEC-FAIR) projects which developed new agricultural technologies to reduce pesticide usage.

In 2003, Dr. Coupland moved the FarmForest Research facility to Canada where it remains to this day a research and development service that works with farmers, universities, multinational companies and government institutions to deliver dynamic solutions for the agricultural community.

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Dr. James Coupland

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